The Best Yoga Clothes for Men in 2023

  • Rhu Tech Tank

    How often do you need to be in your yoga studio? If you stay long in your yoga studio, you will need something comfortable to wear while you practice. This odorless, comfy tank top is your best choice for yoga clothing for men.

    It has a washable, odorless technology, and super sweat-wicking. It has earned its place on the list of best yoga clothes for men to wear!

    Best choice
  • Rhone Mako Shorts

    These mind-blowing shorts are what you need for your next yoga experience, and it is one of our favorite hot yoga clothing for men. Its design aims to give the wearer the utmost comfort. Its gusseted seams are effective in keeping your shorts in shape for a long time.

    Best choice

Your yoga clothes are as important as the practice itself. Everything has t work together to give you the flow you need for perfect bliss. Are you new to the Yogi’s club or looking to dump your old yoga clothes for a more comfortable one?

Many brands are offering different yoga clothes for men. You don’t have to worry, though, as we’ll help you find the right one. Below, we have curated a list of the best yoga clothes for men in 2023. You can make choose anyone on the list, and you won’t be wrong.

Best Yoga Clothes for Men This Year According to Experts

Your clothes can determine how you feel when you are on the mats, according to experts. We looked into what most experts will recommend wearing while practicing yoga. These clothes were selected as the best yoga clothes for men based on these recommendations.

Alo Yoga Triumph Muscle Tank Top

You will enjoy the comfort of this tank top made from soft and breathable fabric. You can wear it anywhere you choose as it is super comfortable. The relaxed drop armholes are beneficial for your perfect yoga experience.


You can wear it wherever you chose

The material is super comfortable

Stylish and fits well


Only a few medium sizes are available in most colors.

Lululemon Metal Vent Tech Long Sleeves

This yoga gear gives the wearer the utmost comfort. Though these vents are long sleeves, they won’t still stink from sweat, even if you sweat heavily. The fantastic mesh design makes it breathable. It will retain its shape over time, and you’ll move quickly in it as it designed without seams.


It has a breathable design that leaves your body refreshed while you carry out your yoga exercise.

It will still retain its shape over a long period of use.

It has a mindblowing seamless design.


It’s not your best pick if you prefer sleeveless.

Alo Yoga Triumph Shorts

These sweaty shorts describe short and comfy perfectly! The drawstring supports the band in the right places and gives your lower parts that stylish look. It fits snugly on your body, not too tight or baggy. These shorts are comfortable if you need hot yoga shorts.


It has a drawstring for firmness

It is highly comfortable and soft on the body

It is stylish for outdoor wear


It might not be firm enough for some stretchy poses

Vuori Balboa Pants

These pants are so lovely and they’re a perfect choice for yoga and relaxation. The fabrics are stretchy in all four directions. What’s more, no matter the amount of sweats, the non-odor technology keeps away any odor.


The drawcord and waistband help to give it a perfect fit

The fabric keeps out any odor

The pants can be worn outdoors


It comes in only two  colors

Best Long: YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Shorts

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Shorts. Meticulously designed to prioritize both comfort and performance, these shorts boast a swerve-cut design that allows for unrestricted movement during yoga sessions. Constructed from a premium blend of organic cotton and spandex, they offer a soft and breathable feel against the skin, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your practice.

Beyond the yoga mat, their versatile design seamlessly transitions from active sessions to casual wear. Showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to sustainability, YOGA CROW has curated shorts that not only elevate your practice but also align with eco-conscious values. Elevate your yoga journey with the Swerve Shorts – a harmonious meeting point where comfort effortlessly intertwines with style both on and off the mat.


It wicks sweat away easily

It comes with odorless inner briefs

The shorts have pockets


It is not a perfect choice for long-panty lovers

Men Airism Crew Neck Tee

This crew neck tee is a definition of comfort within budget. It dries speedily and sits lightly on you. You wouldn’t even have a feeling of wearing this yoga shirt for men. It has an odorless technology, so you can still wear it as an undershirt or plainly after your yoga routine. It will also do well as a hot yoga attire for men.


The shirt is budget-friendly

The shirt is comfy and dries off quickly.

The shirt is odorless, can be worn even after your yoga exercise.


It comes in only two colors

Buying Guide on Yoga Wears for Men

Do you want to know how to buy the right yoga clothes for men? There are a couple of things to note when you want to pick the right yoga wears that perfectly fit your body.

  • Consider How Much You Sweat

Although most men sweat more than women, they don’t sweat the same way. You should consider your sweating pattern before buying any yoga outfit. If you sweat a lot, it’s better to pick yoga shirts, yoga pants, or yoga leggings that can easily absorb it. For example, the Alo Yoga muscle tank top helps to absorb more sweat, and you can go for this top.

If you sweet less, it doesn’t mean you can’t still go for those, they’ll come in handy on extra hot days. However, you can go for other options such as the Men Airism Crew Neck T-shirt, if you need something comfy that will still do fine when you sweat.

Just make sure that you’ve got the perfect yoga wear for men that your body requires, as sweat can be distracting when you’re exercising.

  • Consider the Type of Yoga You Practice

When it comes to buying your yoga wears, you must factor in the kind of yoga you practice. The poses you take will affect the type of yoga attire you can use.

Styles like ashtanga require fitting clothes, so your outfit doesn’t get in the way while making those fast-paced moves. For hot yoga, you might need to go for tanks and shorts.

  • Always Choose Stretchy Yoga Wear

Make sure you go for stretchy yoga wears. Stretchy yoga outfits give you the confidence to engage in all your yoga poses comfortably. The clothes you choose mustn’t limit your body movement in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Men Wear For Yoga?

There are several yoga outfits for men, and what men chose to wear for yoga is based on several decisions. Amongst these decisions, personal preference and practiced yoga type take priority. The following outfits for yoga are what men wear:

  • Crew neck cut shirts
  • Muscle tank tops
  • Leggings
  • Sweat-wicked Shorts
  • Yoga Pants
What Are The Best Men’s Yoga Clothing Brands?

More brands are emerging to provide cool yoga gears for men. However, some have withstood the test of time producing awesome yoga clothes for men and women. Here are some brands, providing quality yoga attire for men;
They produce their yoga outfits for men, with utmost detailing and technology.
Alo Yoga
As the name suggests, it is all about creating comfy yoga gear for yogis.
This brand simply designs yoga outfits for yogis by yogis, following the highest yoga standards.

What Do Men Wear To Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga rooms are, of course, hot. Therefore, thick and heavily padded clothing is not the best choice there. The best yoga attire for men practicing hot yoga includes comfortable soft tees, muscle tank tops, stretchy pants, and firm shorts.

Is It Weird For A Guy To Wear Leggings?

Without a doubt, it’s okay and not weird for men to wear leggings! Men have worn leggings or meggings longer than women have. History dates back to periods when men wore leggings as part of their war gears and tunics.

Today, not much has changed either, except men now wear leggings for sporting, exercising, and yoga. It’s fashionable to add a pair of leggings to your yoga kits.

Is It Okay To Wear Shorts Over Leggings?

It’s okay to wear your shorts over leggings for yoga activities. However, if you’ll be going outdoors in shorts over leggings, it’s best to combine them in lovely color combinations. This way, they will look stylish and classy instead of weird.

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