Best Yoga Mat For Men in 2023

  • Jade Yoga Mat
    Jade yoga mats

    Jade yoga mats are one of our top choices for men. They have extra cushioning for support making it perfect for men with sensitive wrists and joints. Best of all: they are eco-friendly. The Harmony mat – Jade’s signature mat – is nicely priced too. At 79.95 dollars, you get a high-quality mat from a good brand. It’s been a favorite of many for a few years.

    Best choice
  • Liform Yoga Mat
    Liforme Original Yoga Mat

    Liform Yoga Mat is the best sweat-absorbent mat in the market. It is perfect for men with sweaty hands and who want to practice hot yoga. The mat also has alignment marks so that you know exactly where you should be placing your hands, feet, or whichever body part you are using to keep your balance. It is more on the expensive side – priced at 149.94 dollars, but it is well worth it.

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It’s so great to see more men joining in on the yoga craze. Yoga is a great way to stretch, relax and strengthen. And one of the most important parts of yoga practice is the mat you use. Nowadays, there are mats being tailored to men, yet the differences between the best yoga mat for men compared to women is actually slight. It all depends on your body weight, height, and stability. In general, men are taller and have to put a lot of weight on their wrists.

When looking for a yoga mat for men, you can keep in mind a couple of things. You need a mat that is the right size, that has enough grip, that has the right texture and that creates a positive impact both on your practice and the environment. Last but not least, you’ll want a style that suits you. Some yoga mats have crazy patterns, or they are simply sold blocks of color.

Are you used to supporting your own weight? Do you have sensitive joints? Do you notice your feet are sticking out from your mat during practice when they shouldn’t be? This makes the length of the mat and the thickness important factors to consider.

In this article, we will go through a few of our favorite, eco-friendly brands that we think will be perfect for men who have decided to take on or go further into their yoga journey.  You can buy a good mat for 40 – 150 dollars, so it is worth taking the time to read through your options and selecting the best one for you.

Best Yoga Mats For Men This Year

Jade Yoga Mat

The Harmony mat from Jade Yoga mats was recently reviewed as one of the best mats for grip, traction, and perfect for the real yoga practitioner.  And this is not a new mat. It has been around for years and has been a favorite for many. It is made from sustainable rubber, it has a great reputation and it is sweat-absorbant. It also comes in larger sizes for taller individuals. It is quite thick and heavy, but that only means that the mat is durable and comfortable to put weight on. It costs 79.95 dollars.


Amazing traction

Natural rubber

Long mats for taller yogis



Rubber can smell

It is biodegradable and doesn’t last

Manduka Yoga Mat

Manduka mats are very popular. They have been designed by yogis for yogis and they produce their mats following eco-friendly practices. The Manduka brand is so determined that you get the best mat for your needs – they even have a quiz to find the mat for you. Currently, they are promoting their eco series that is made from responsibly sourced, natural rubber such as the E.K.O 6 mm. The largest size they have is 180 cm and they offer a wide selection of colors to choose from. It is on sale for 63.99 dollars.


Lifetime warranty

Great grip

Loads of color options


A bit heavy

Needs a towel for hot yoga

PrAna Yoga Mat

Prana yoga mats are unique. They are made from cotton and they are fair-trade certified – two characteristics not common in the yoga mat market. The mat is made responsibly and does not use any plastic in its packaging. The company has given back almost half a million dollars to the community making sure that those involved in the production are paid fairly. The Prana EKO mat is made with closed-cell technology which means that bacteria and sweat do not seep into it. It is also nicely priced at 55 dollars.


UV resistant




Less traction when sweating

Not easy to care for

Short life cycle

Yoloha Yoga Mat

The Yoloha Yoga mat is great for all types of yoga making it a very popular product. You pay quite a lot for it, and get a lot in return. Yoloha Native Cork mat is made from cork and eco-friendly rubber and has proven to thrive throughout multiple tests. Yin, Bikram, Hatha, any type of yoga, you will be comfortable, stable and you will have grip. The mat is currently priced at 134.99 dollars. Cork is naturally cleaning which means that all you need to do is a quick wipe, and your mat will be ready for the next session. It dries quickly too, so if you feel like an intensive day, your mat will be ready.


Easy to clean

Good traction




Cork eventually wears away

Lottus Life Mat

Lottus life mats are made for comfort. They are 8mm thick making it the perfect mat if you are worried about your sensitive joints and the weight that you have to put on them. The biodegradable all-natural mat also donates part of the profits to a charity called the Karma Project. The Jute Yoga Mat retails at 64.99 dollars. Natural jute fibers, similar to hemp, give this mat great grip and absorption.  This product is very organic and does not feel the same as the other mats that are made to resemble the PVC aesthetics. This texture tasks some getting used to, so if you can try one out before buying, you’ll know what you are getting into.


8 mm thick


Extra-long sizes


Strange texture

Mat burn (when you slide your feet)

HeathYoga Eco-Friendly Mat

The HeathYoga Eco-Friendly Mat is great for taller men at 183 cm. This mat is really for those who want to be precise and need room.  Like the Harmony mat, The HeathYoga mat has alignment markings so that you can get into that perfect pose with lots of space for your feet and hands. Proper alignment is so important during yoga. It will make your poses that much easier to get into and you will really feel the benefits afterward. It also offers an intense grip. It retails at 44.99 dollars.


Intense grip

Body alignment



Only one size

Texture grip

Men’s Yoga Mat Buying Guide

Let’s start with the first key area – the size. On average, men are taller than women and although the difference may be slight, it is noticeable and impractical when your feet stick out and you cannot hold a pose. Yoga mats come in a range of sizes so make sure that you get one that is the right size for you.

The next is the grip. Yoga poses can be difficult to get into and get out of. Your body is positioned in a way that you don’t want any sudden movements that will make you lose the pose and perhaps injure yourself. Feeling stable in the pose is essential and to have this, you need to right grip on your mat.

The texture of your yoga mat is connected to the material that your yoga mat is made from. Yoga mats are typically made with PVC, but nowadays, there are more eco-friendly options available. Cork is becoming very popular due to its durability and sweat-absorption. You can also find a variety of recycled materials such as rubber, and even biodegradable materials as well as cotton.

Rolling up corners may not seem like a big issue, but if you can find a mat that avoids this – it is well worth the purchase. Instead of spending a few minutes trying to flatten down your mat, you can get into your practice straight away with a mat that weighs at the ends and stays flat from the get-go. You can also find mats that have inserts for your yoga towel if you use one.

Now that you’ve seen a couple of options, remember to think about length, comfort, and quality when deciding which mat to buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

We’ve been mentioning pretty thick mats in this article, but the standard size of a yoga mat is actually 3 mm. Anything between 3 mm and 6 mm depends on taste and needs. How much balance do you need? Do your feet and hands need a thicker mat in order to achieve a strong grip? Anything larger than 6mm up to 8 mm is definitely for those who have sensitive joints when they put weight on their wrists. The soft cushioning will make a world of difference to your practice because the last thing you need is to have sore wrists at the end of yoga.

Are expensive yoga mats worth it?

It depends on how much yoga you do. If you are just starting and you want to see if you get into the habit, a 55 dollar yoga will be perfect. It is still a good investment by not going cheap. When you see that yoga has really become part of your lifestyle, you can put some more money into a mat that really meets your needs. If you buy an eco-friendly, biodegradable mat, you’ll have to change it in a few years anyway. Just in time, as your style might have changed too!

What can I use if I don’t have a yoga mat?

There are many things you can use when you don’t have a yoga mat. A towel, as thick or thin as you prefer, will be enough to give you that yoga mat feeling during practice. Some people even opt for a bath mat if they find one big enough! Any kind of blankets or old woven mats will also suffice. If you really have nothing, just find a spot on a grassy patch that is flat and soft. And make it a short practice filled with poses that are not too dangerous or really challenge your balance.

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