Best Yoga Pants For Men

  • HDE Men’s ¾ Men’s Yoga Capri Pants
    HDE Men’s ¾ Men’s Yoga Capri Pants

    The perfect in-between pants for when you are not sure what style or length you prefer yet. Perfect for autumn and spring when the weather can be a tad bit unpredictable.

    Best choice
  • BROKIG Men’s Zip Jogger Pants
    BROKIG Men’s Zip Jogger Pants

    These pants are great for beginners as it gives you enough movement space, breathable material, and zippers for extra comfort. The best style to go with if you are not yet convinced about harem or compression pants.

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As a man exploring yoga, you may feel at times as though you’re taking a step into an unknown realm that is mostly dominated by women and women’s clothing. It can be daunting to find your place, starting with something as simple as determining the best yoga pants for men. You ultimately need clothes that will move with you, remain comfortable, and stretch with your movements rather than tearing or wearing down over time.

We will start by exploring the benefits of loose yoga pants and shorts and then move to a few more specialized options, including compression yoga pants and yoga capri pants.

Which Yoga Pants Will You Choose?

Before we go in-depth regarding the different kinds of yoga pants that you can find to suit the built and style of men’s bodies, we’ll give you an overview of what are considered the optimal yoga pants for men according to yogis and the avid yoga students.

The brands that yoga fans prefer are YogaAddict, Nike, BROKIG, prAna, HDE, Under Armour, Hoerev, DRSKIN, and Lynddora. We will be looking at some of these brands more closely along with the different styles available to give you the best idea of the loose, tight, and hot yoga pants on the market today.

YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

To avoid shocking you with super-tight hot yoga pants first, let’s ease into the available options by starting with loose yoga pants for men. These are loose-fitting yet stylish and might resemble the tracksuit pants or sweatpants that you are used to—and they won’t emphasize the wrong areas when you find yourself in a challenging pose. The pants also have a waistband to ensure that you won’t step on them by accident or cause them to slip while your body twists and turns.


The first thing that you should consider in your exercise pants is breathability.

You will sweat a lot more during yoga than you will while stationary. The cotton/spandex material will absorb moisture and keep you cool.

You can also wear these pants for jogging and martial arts.


Loose pants might stick to your skin and leave you with sweat marks.

You might also dislike the feeling of the material occasionally chafing against your skin, especially when you are doing hot yoga.

These won’t work well for hot yoga.

prAna Super Mojo Yoga Shorts

Sticking with the loose-fitting category, these shorts work well as hot yoga pants for men and work as a cooler option if you find yourself doing yoga in a hot climate.


The material is quick-dry polyester, so you won’t get sweaty, sticky, or uncomfortable as you might while wearing cotton.

This option lets in more air to cool you down as you practice.

The material stretches more than cotton and won’t tear easily with movement.


prAna sizes can be tricky to decipher.

We would suggest ordering one size smaller than you normally wear.

DrSkin Compression Pants

At this stage, we’re getting to the more daring pants for those who are ready to commit to a daily-yoga lifestyle. These tight yoga pants for men might be a bit of a shock to your system if you have never worn tight-fitting clothes before. However, they will make yoga more comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about your old athletic shorts tearing thanks to an awkward new position.


These pants become a second skin.

They are part polyester with a “Dry Transport” system to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

They are also durable and UV resistant, meaning that you can practice yoga inside or outdoors and your pants will stay intact and last.


These pants might be a bit too tight for your liking if you are sensitive about your body structure or don’t feel comfortable in tight-fitting pants.

You might also feel uneasy about walking around in public with these pants if you need to run errands right after a session.

The skintight fit might tag on your leg hair when you move or be uncomfortable to take off.

BROKIG Men’s Zip Jogger Pants

If you are not ready for the leap to skin-tight pants, men’s jogger pants might be the perfect option for you, falling between the loose-fitting and the skin-tight options. As with most other yoga-appropriate pants, you can also use these pants for other forms of exercise.


These pants are breathable with a cotton/polyester mix.

While they are comfortable to wear, they are not just a loose piece of clothing that can become a distraction during your yoga practice.

The pants have zippers at the bottom, so you can open them if you have bigger calves and the pants feel a bit constricting.


The zips can break easily and get stuck.

The seams are a bit delicate and might tear easily.

All in all, these pants might not last as long as some of the other options.

HDE Men’s ¾ Men’s Yoga Capri Pants

There’s something else that you will want to consider beyond the temperature of the region that you practice in and whether you’ll be practicing yoga indoors or out: the season. Autumn and spring can get chilly fast in some areas, a fact that brings about uncertainty when you need to choose the right exercise attire. Your answer is the capri.


You can wear these pants during any time of year, especially when the weather is unpredictable — getting caught in shorts during a sudden weather change might not be ideal.

These pants include pockets for running a few errands after your yoga session plus breathable cotton fabric and a drawstring.

Since these pants fall over the knee, they will absorb sweat and allow for traction on your yoga mat so that you don’t slip.


Capri-length pants might not exactly be your style if you are not used to the look or worry about feeling uncomfortable around others.

You might associate this style with the 90s but consider giving these pants a try, though because your ultimate comfort might await you, hidden in the form of a capri.

Not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Hoerev Harlem Yoga Pants

Here’s a strong option if you want your style to reflect a recognizable yogi look that ties into the concept of yoga as a spiritual and physical activity Show that you are comfortable with your flow and trying new styles — you will be so comfortable that you will never want to change.


Did we mention “comfortable”? These pants are soft and cozy enough to sleep in when your practice ends.

An excellent sizing guide will help direct you so that you are not misled by the loose look of these pants.

These harem pants are a very affordable option for beginners looking for cheap yoga pant for men.


You might not feel ready to try a radically different style—but you can be sure that the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga will make you surprisingly open to new experiences in life… including harem pants.

You might prefer high quality material or brand names when you choose exercise gear.

The baggy material between your legs might lead to chafing.

Nike Men’s Therma Dri-Fit

If you love your brands and are particularly Nike-loyal, we can suggest a functional yet comfortable pair of Therma Dri-Fit Nike yoga pants for men.


You will look stylish while doing yoga or shopping with your family.

You will be warm enough in the winter for outdoor yoga, so you won’t have to change your classes or your schedule to adapt to the season.

Comfortable body temperature no matter the season.


We all know that brands can be expensive.

If you do not love the Nike brand, or if you are not yet sure if you like doing yoga enough to invest in pricier pants, this pair might not be a perfect fit.

There might be cheaper dri-fit alternatives to try first.

Best Yoga Pants for Men: Buyer’s Guide

  • Material: If you have exercised in cotton or polyester pants before, you know the difference the right material makes, and you may already know which one feels the best to you. Breathability and the feel of the material against your skin and while you move, should be the top considerations when buying yoga pants.
  • Brand: It is usually a strong choice to opt for a brand that you know when buying clothes you are not familiar with like yoga pants. Some brands you already trust for being high-quality, but always remember to read reviews before you buy.
  • Style: You have to be comfortable in what you wear and not feel forced to try a style when you are not ready to take the step. Loose fitting, compression or harem-type pants are the three main categories yoga pants will fall under. Yoga is more than exercise — it can bring lifestyle changes with it and, along with them, new choices in clothing to suit your evolving aesthetic. The options are endless for staying comfortable in new yoga pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What pants do men wear to yoga?

There are tons of men’s options and men’s yoga pant styles to choose from that other yogis and yoga students have found to be comfortable and suitable for their practice. It is a very personal choice that will depend on the type of yoga that you do, your setting, and your willingness to try new pant options such as harem pants or capris.

Can men wear leggings for yoga?

For yoga, you can wear anything that you like that will stretch and keep you comfortable. Yoga is often a personal, spiritual experience as well as an exercise, and you may forget about what you are wearing in the process. When you do come back to the day-to-day, you want to feel good in what you wear, and the solution might just be men’s yoga leggings.

Why are yoga pants the best?

As you might have noticed, you have a huge selection of yoga pant styles to choose from that cater to all practices, requirements, and personalities. When you choose the right yoga pants, you feel comfortable and secure in your practice with no concerns about your movement or appearance. If you keep an open mind, you might find a new style to go with your new hobby and start wearing comfy pants more often!

What are leggings for guys called?

You can call these leggings compression pants, but you can also simply search for yoga leggings for men to find options suitable for yoga and other exercises.

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