7 Best Yoga Blankets – Extra Grip And Gentle Support

  • Manduka Cotton Blanket
    Manduka Cotton Blanket

    Manduka Blanket is ultimately the favorite product of yogis. It supports any kind of asanas and rest assured that this blanket will follow every single move you make. Blanket fits perfectly and follows your body movement no matter the stretch.

    Best choice
  • Mexican Blanket, Premium Falsa Blanket 

    If you are lover of connecting and uniting the traditional style to a modern life, this blanket is going to be the perfect choice for you. These Mexican Blankets are handmade from the recycled material and they are acrylic all the way – the more you wash and use it, the softer it gets.

    Best choice

The yoga blanket is an accessory every yogi needs. Whether you’re more experienced or just a beginner, one thing you need to fully experience all the benefits of yoga is having a good yoga blanket. Cotton, wool, or fleece yoga blanket, there are all kinds of materials waiting for you to make your final decision and choose your favorite yoga blanket which will make practicing yoga a dream experience for you.

Benefits of Using Yoga Blankets

Yoga blankets offer a multitude of benefits when incorporated into your yoga practice. They are versatile props that can enhance your experience in various ways.

  • Enhanced Comfort: Yoga blankets supply a soft and soothing surface, heightening the overall enjoyment of your practice. They prove especially beneficial during seated and supine poses, offering additional cushioning to alleviate discomfort and alleviate pressure points.
  • Steadfast Support: Among the foremost merits of yoga blankets is their remarkable ability to furnish unwavering support and stability. By folding or rolling them and placing them strategically beneath body parts, you can effectively preserve proper alignment and reduce the risk of strain or injury in demanding poses.
  • Pose Adaptation: Whether you are tackling challenging poses or facing constraints in flexibility, yoga blankets come to your aid as adaptive tools. They bridge the gap between your body and the floor, enabling you to progressively enhance strength and flexibility.

Types of yoga blankets

Yoga blankets serve various purposes in yoga and meditation practices.

  • Support Blankets: Provide stability and cushioning during poses, ideal for those needing extra support.
  • Meditation Blankets: Soft and cozy for extended meditation sessions, creating a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Restorative Yoga Blankets: Thicker and softer, perfect for gentle, long-held poses.
  • Decorative Blankets: Chosen for aesthetics, enhancing your space’s ambiance.
  • Mexican & Indian Yoga Blankets: Vibrant and traditional, versatile for various practices.

Choose a blanket aligning with your needs and preferences, tailored to your practice.

Yoga blankets comparison table

In this table, we have collected data on the TOP 5 yoga blankets, which are presented in our article. The table can be scrolled on a smartphone for more convenient use.

Product Material Versatility Design/Aesthetics Sustainability Portability
Hugger Mugger YogBlanket Various (Cotton, blends) Yes Simple and Classic Not specified Yes
Mandala Yoga Blanket Cotton Blend Yes MandalPatterns Not specified Yes
Mexican Blanket, Premium FalsBlanket Cotton/Acrylic Blend Yes Vibrant Mexican Patterns Not specified Yes
Manduka Cotton Blanket 100% Cotton Yes Simple and Classic Eco-friendly materials Yes
La Montan – Classic Mexican Yoga Blanket Cotton Blend Yes Traditional Mexican Patterns Eco-friendly materials Yes

The Best Yoga Blankets For Yoga and Meditation to Buy in 2023

There are cheaper options and more expensive ones, but whichever you chose make sure it’s the material you’re comfortable with, and make sure to read all the reviews. With the choice you have, it’s not going to be easy to find the one, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. Without further ado, here is the list of the best yoga blankets available for you to snag.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Blanket

Take a deep breath an inhale Mexico with this lovely acrylic yoga blanket. This blanket is going to fulfill the expectations of every yogi. If you’re a giver, this blanket is the most perfect gift as it can serve many other purposes – you can use it on your garden chairs during chilly summer nights; it can be a very interesting detail in your home if you are into bringing traditional touches into your home.

It is also the best yoga blanket for travelers as its maintenance is pretty easy. Vivid Mexican design, bright colors and the texture of the blanket makes an excellent yoga accessorie. Look no further, because this is the best seller among the acrylic yoga blankets.


Soft to the touch but firm enough

Fits under hips in seated poses or functions in place of a bolster

100% Natural Wool

Great support for shoulder stand and seated forward bends


Not very good weave quality

Not as thick as the manufacturer claims

Mandala Yoga blanket

It is said that Indians have the answer to gaining life power. The answer is hidden between the seven chakras where life energy lays. And this is just a part of the explanation. These Indian blankets are soft to touch, they’re durable and breathable. Made of 100% pure cotton, Mandala blankets are the ultimate prop for yogis who strive to comfortability. They’re colorful and bright useful for a lot of purposes. They can serve as a wall deco or a couch cover, a tablecloth or a widow curtains. Its multipurposness is amazing and all it takes is your touch and a little bit of artistry.

These blankets are often lightweight and easy to fold, making them convenient to carry to your yoga studio, the park, or wherever you practice.

The Mandala Yoga Blanket, with its combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal, is a popular choice for both yoga practitioners and meditation enthusiasts. It not only serves as a versatile tool to enhance your practice but also brings a sense of art and spirituality to your yoga and meditation journey.


Perfect for all yoga practices

Machine Washable

Lightweight, very functional yoga blanket

This light fabric is very bright in the colors


Not 100% made from cotton

Too thin

Mexican Blanket, Premium Falsa Blanket 

If you are lover of connecting and uniting the traditional style to a modern life, this blanket is going to be the perfect choice for you. These Mexican Blankets are handmade from the recycled material and they are acrylic all the way – the more you wash and use it, the softer it gets. Since Mexico is very vivid and full of life, blankets can be found in many different colors. They are thick, soft, and very cozy.

The most important thing about these blankets is that they are very simple when it comes to washing them – it doesn’t matter if you are hand or machine washing them in warm or cold water. This yoga blanket is a blanket for a lifetime. It can also be used in other purposes such as picnics, car, chilly nights outside, covering during the nap in front of TV or as a gift.


Mexican Blankets are thick, soft, and vibrantly colored

The blanket is very warm

Perfect for a gift

Low price compared to competitors


Recommend washing it as soon as you get it

Not all colors are the same as in the picture

Manduka Cotton Blanket

The Manduka Cotton Blanket stands as a top-quality yoga accessory that delivers a trifecta of comfort, versatility, and sustainability for your yoga and meditation sessions. Manduka, a renowned name in the yoga industry, maintains its hallmark dedication to exceptional quality and eco-conscious materials with this cotton blanket.

This blanket proves to be an incredibly versatile companion in your yoga toolkit. It can be artfully folded, rolled, or gracefully draped to lend vital support and supreme comfort throughout your practice. Crafted from soft cotton, it provides a gentle and soothing cushioning experience, rendering it perfect for asanas, seated poses, and the serenity of restorative yoga postures.

The Manduka Cotton Blanket not only embodies a haven of comfort but also champions environmental consciousness. Its unwavering commitment to eco-friendly materials harmonizes seamlessly with the core principles of yoga, making it a stellar addition to your practice, all the while contributing to a greener planet.


Eco-friendly material

Can be used both indoor and outdoor

Nice design


Not seen

La Montana – Classic Mexican Yoga Blankets

The La Montana Classic Mexican Yoga Blankets is a bright and colorful authentic Mexican yoga blanket. It is made of recycled Fiber Blend of Acrylic, Cotton and Polyester and it is a very nice touch for those who are into bringing the tradition into the fashion. Blanket can also be used in other purposes such as picnics or a beach, but can also be a decorative detail in your home! This blanket can be machine washed and it maintains the softness regardless of how many times it has been washed.

These blankets have found a special place in the hearts of yoga practitioners worldwide, not just for their functional benefits but also for their cultural and artistic appeal. Whether you’re looking for a versatile yoga prop, a cultural touch, or both, these blankets are a great addition to your practice and living space.


Made of recycled Fiber Blend of Acrylic, Cotton and Polyester

Suitable for machine wash


Sheds a lot

Very delicate material that easily breaks apart

A bit thin

Open Road Goods Charcoal Thunderbird Heavyweight Yoga Blanket

This handmade blanket is made of Acrylic-Cotton-Polyester blend and it stands for excellent quality blanket. It is very soft and thick and very often used in many other purposes apart from yoga. Decorative touch of this blanket makes it a perfect gift for those who love special details and the breeze of tradition in their homes. The blanket is machine washable and is one of the favorites among yogis.

Its unique design, inspired by traditional patterns, can bring a sense of style and culture to your yoga or meditation sessions, making it a favorite choice among practitioners who value both form and function.


Soft and thick fabric

Machine washable


May have some minor color defects

Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket

As many of them, Canyon Creek Yoga Blanket also comes from Mexico. The blanket is handmade and it’s created by the expert designers of Mexico. This blanket can be found in many different colors but each of them is unique and easy combinable in the washing machine. You may think it costs a bunch of money, but those who made it had been thinking on your wallets too. Finally, you can have quality and not spend a fortune on it. When it comes to the design, this blanket is a real authentication of Mexico and Mexican living style.

Beyond its primary role in yoga and meditation, this blanket can also be used as a versatile accessory in your daily life. Whether as a throw blanket, picnic companion, or a decorative element in your home, it proves to be a useful and practical addition.



Available in different colors

Can be washed in washing machine


Do not wash and dry well

A bit thin

How We Selected the Best Yoga Blankets

All teachers of the Yanva team always recommend taking yoga blankets with you to the park. With the help of this accessory, you can make practice more effective and comfortable.

In order to choose a quality blanket for yoga, we always recommend paying attention to 2 parameters: material and thickness. In some versions, you can also pay attention to the softness of the material.

After many years of training and using these products, we preferHugger Mugger Yoga Blanket and Manduka Cotton Blanket. These 2 options have been tested by time and years of training.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Blanket

When in search of the perfect yoga blanket, take these factors into account to ensure it caters to your specific requirements:


Opt for a blanket crafted from a comfortable and resilient material, often cotton or a cotton blend. It should not only feel pleasing against your skin but also withstand frequent use.

Intended Use

Clearly define the primary purpose of the blanket—whether it’s for yoga support, enhancing meditation, facilitating restorative practices, or simply serving as an attractive decor element. Each of these purposes may necessitate distinct qualities.

Style and Design

Select a design or pattern that harmonizes with your individual style and contributes to the desired ambiance in your yoga space. The color and visual aesthetics can elevate your practice environment.


Assess whether the blanket possesses the flexibility to serve multiple roles. Can it function as a throw, picnic companion, or shawl, in addition to fulfilling its primary role in your yoga practice?


Depending on your personal preferences, you can opt for a lightweight blanket, which ensures easy portability, or a heavyweight one that provides extra cushioning and insulation during your practice.

How much does a yoga blanket cost?

The price of a yoga blanket can significantly fluctuate based on several factors, encompassing the material, brand, design, and overall quality.

  • Budget-Friendly Blankets: Typically falling within the range of $10 to $30, these blankets are cost-effective choices. They are well-suited for beginners or individuals adhering to a tighter budget.
  • Mid-Range Blankets: Mid-range yoga blankets are typically priced between $30 and $60. They strike a harmonious balance between quality and affordability, often meeting the requirements of most practitioners.
  • Premium Blankets: Premium yoga blankets, characterized by their use of high-quality materials, distinctive designs, or renowned durability, may cost $60 or more. These blankets cater to those who value luxury and are willing to invest in a top-tier product.
Price Range Average Price Range (USD)
Budget-Friendly $10 – $30
Mid-Range $30 – $60
Premium $60 and above

It’s worth noting that prices can fluctuate, and there might be even more expensive options available, particularly in the case of blankets made from eco-friendly or sustainable materials or featuring intricate and elaborate designs. Your final selection should align with your preferences, needs, and budget.

Yoga blanket vs regular blanket. What is the difference?

The primary difference between a yoga blanket and a regular blanket is their intended use.

  • Yoga Blanket: Designed for yoga and meditation, offering support, cushioning, and versatility for various poses and practices. Typically made of cotton or cotton blends, medium thickness, with a focus on functionality.
  • Regular Blanket: Designed for general use, such as staying warm or decoration, without specific features for yoga support. Available in a wide range of materials, thicknesses, and designs, with a primary emphasis on warmth and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big should a yoga blanket be?

The size of a yoga blanket can vary, but a standard yoga blanket typically measures around 72 inches in length and 50 inches in width (approximately 183 cm x 127 cm). This size provides enough coverage for a variety of yoga and meditation uses.

Why do yogis use Mexican blankets?

Yogis often use Mexican blankets, also known as Falsa blankets, because of their versatility, aesthetic appeal, cultural significance, and the sense of comfort and support they provide during yoga and meditation.

Can you use a Turkish towel as a yoga blanket?

Yes, you can use a Turkish towel as a substitute for a yoga blanket in many yoga practices. Turkish towels, also known as pestemals or foutas, are lightweight and versatile, making them suitable for various yoga-related purposes.

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