Why Do People Practice Yoga?

Yoga practice is a combination of poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayamas) that help people to strengthen their physical and mental health. Yet, yoga is more than a matter of stretching and breathing. It is a way to understand ourselves. It is a way to know ourselves. While we use our senses to understand the world outside us, yoga helps us connect to the world within us and refine our emotions. YanvaYoga can help you to:

icon Increase Concentration
Increase Concentration

The mind is complex and forever entangled in the material world. Yoga trains you to remove the noise and help you focus on what you need.

icon Balance Body & Mind
Balance Body & Mind

Yoga is where you connect the body, mind and soul through movements, breathing and mindfulness. Your body and mind find a balance where barriers exist.

icon Reduce Stress & Anxiety
Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Breathing and the physical parts of yoga give us the exercise we need to remove the tension in our bodies.

icon Release Creativity
Release Creativity

Alpha brain states are where brilliant ideas arise, and where athletes find their zone. Breathing practices associated with yoga can increase alpha brain waves with bolster creativity.

icon Improve Flexibility
Improve Flexibility

Daily stretching of the muscles keeps our movements fluid and strong. Yoga builds on your core, improves blood circulation and increases the flexibility of muscles.

icon Improve Physical Health
Improve Physical Health

Doing yoga daily protects the spine, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown. It also increases blood circulation, heals aches, and helps with sleeping.

Yoga Practice

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