Best Weight Loss Yoga For Men

Weight loss yoga for men

Yoga is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. However, there has always been some sort of stigma around yoga and the fact that only women should do it. However, yoga is completely unisex and almost anyone can do it. The best weight loss yoga for men can yield fast results in the comfort of your own home.

In this article, we will be looking at yoga and yoga moves that are specifically directed at men. The article is designed for both men and women, but any man that has doubts about yoga can find a few answers here. Yoga is a proven method of losing weight and improving overall health in the human body.

Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Regardless of your body composition, yoga is an effective method of improving your overall health. Yoga has many benefits for both men and women, but we have tried to isolate a few of the benefits that are specifically directed at men. However, yoga can also be very effective for women with a few of the following benefits applying to both genders:

  • Flexibility. As you become older as a male, it becomes harder to stay in shape and muscles tend to become stiffer. Working out is a great way to ensure muscle flexibility, but many men neglect that part of the training. However, yoga is a great way for muscles to be stretched, which makes the muscle fiber longer and improves overall flexibility.
  • Strength. If you don’t have time or access to a fitness facility, it is harder to improve your overall strength. Muscles will deteriorate over time if they are not utilized, but once you work out; they can be retrained due to muscle memory. There are many power yoga moves and positions that can build muscles and allow you to get the best out of your workouts.
  • Weight Loss. For many people, exercise is a method of building muscle, but the overarching reason for performing exercises is to lose weight. Numerous studies have proven that yoga can help men lose weight. Since they can help you lose weight, you can also find that yoga will help you change your overall body composition. While all of this takes time, yoga will inevitably have a positive effect on your body.
  • Mental Improvement. Unlike meditation, yoga is a form of exercise that also combines meditation into the fray. While almost any form of exercise can help you clear your mind, yoga requires a lot of concentration. For many people it is similar to jogging, allowing you to clear your mind. While it doesn’t clear your mind, the workouts will release endorphins. These endorphins will help your body create more dopamine. More dopamine leads to a positive feeling in your body and it will ensure that you can improve your overall health.
  • Stress Relief. Stress Relief is closely linked to the previous point that we made. However, many people carry tons of stress that could be daunting for their overall bodies. However, yoga gives you an outlet for your body that will help you relieve and reduce most of the stress that could be coming from daily activities. Keep in mind that yoga can instantly relieve stress due to the spike in hormones.

Best Types Of Yoga For Belly Fat

One thing that everyone wishes for is the ability to target belly fat. However, there is no such thing as spot reduction, and when you start losing weight; you will notice that it takes place all over your body. It might seem like you are not losing weight in your belly, but you are losing weight in your belly, it just seems longer due to having more fat in the area. However, the following types of yoga are best for weight loss:

  • Bikram Yoga. Bikram is one of the best methods for those just starting. It is also performed in a hot studio, but instead of moving rapidly through the different poses, you have 26 different poses that are performed in sequence. As a beginner, you might not be able to perform all of these sequences, but they vary in terms of difficulty. The entire session takes around 90-minutes and it is also very safe. You will constantly be controlling your breathing and ensuring that your heart rate remains much more stable. It is one of the best forms to start with.
  • Iyengar Yoga. Iyengar is one of the slower and more systematic yoga movements that one can perform. It is an effective method that does not require too many rapid movements. Generally, you will just focus on your posture and breathing. Iyengar is a great way for men to break into the world of yoga with limited hassles.
  • Hatha Yoga. Unlike the other forms of yoga, Hatha is an umbrella term for various forms of yoga. However, the overarching idea of yoga is to help you connect spiritually and improve your posture. Hatha is one of the best forms of yoga when it comes to building overall confidence in the person.
  • Vinyasa Yoga. You will never see any expert recommend Vinyasa to a beginner. Vinyasa is a form of yoga that requires you to move rapidly and increase your heart rate. While it also features a sequence of rooms, you generally have a hot room to help burn off some fat. Vinyasa poses can be hard and mostly for the experts.

Yoga Poses For Men To Lose Weight

While you have the types of yoga to choose from, there is a lot more to consider. We have identified a few of the main yoga poses that men can try to help them lose weight. While there are many more, these are a few of the most effective methods to lose weight as a male or female:

Plank Pose (front) - Iana Varshavska
Plank Pose

In Plank Pose or Phalakasana in Sanskrit, as the name suggests, the body is held in a way that looks like a plank, thin and long. In Plank Pose the emphasis is on the core muscles and shoulders strength. This pose essentially works for someone who wants to take the arms and shoulder strength to the next level in order to do more difficult arm balancing yoga poses.

Plank Pose is considered a base pose as plank pose variations can be derived from this pose. This pose helps boost energy in the body and hence can be included in flow yoga sequences.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Warrior Pose I (front) - Iana Varshavska
Warrior Pose I

As per Hindu Mythology, ‘ Virabhadra’, was the name of a ‘Warrior’, created by Lord Shiva. Hence this pose comes from the creation of the fiercest warrior by Lord Shiva and so the name goes as ‘Virabhadrasana’ or ‘Warrior’ Pose. In Sanskrit ‘Vira’ means ‘Hero’ ‘Warrior’ ‘Vigorous’ and ‘Courageous’, and ‘Bhadra’ means ‘good’ ‘auspicious’.

Considered to be a powerful posture replicating the power of a warrior, this pose is the first variation amongst the many under warrior poses. The importance of practicing this pose is emphasised clearly in all schools of yoga as it forms a part of the standing poses which includes balance, stability and stamina. To balance the body with feet more than hip distance apart and raising the arms above your head while gazing at them, requires one to connect the body with the breath. Practicing the alignment of the feet and the knees, along with the torso marks as a great pose to add beauty to one’s body.

Warrior Pose I is considered a base pose as Warrior Pose I variations can be derived from this pose. Warrior Pose I helps boost energy in the body and hence can be included in different yoga sequences.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Warrior Pose II (front) - Iana Varshavska
Warrior Pose II

Warrior Pose II or Virabhadrasana II in Sanskrit, is a standing yoga pose that strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, and torso. As per Hindu Mythology, Virabhadra was the name of a Warrior created by Lord Shiva. Hence this pose comes from the creation of the fiercest warrior by Lord Shiva and so the name goes Virabhadrasana or Warrior Pose.

Virabhadrasana is considered a difficult pose as the body alignment needs to be accurate but is generally categorized as an intermediate or beginner-level pose. It is said that the power of this pose can be felt only if one is extremely flexible and stable with their body balance. Virabhadrasana II is one of the many variations of Virabhadrasana Pose.

Warrior II Yoga Pose is often incorporated into yoga sequences for its energizing and grounding effects, and can also be practiced on its own as a way to cultivate focus and mindfulness.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Warrior Pose III (front) - Iana Varshavska
Warrior Pose III

Warrior Pose III, also known as Virabhadrasana III in Sanskrit, is a challenging yoga pose that strengthens the legs, core, and improves balance and stability.

Warrior Pose III or Virabhadrasana III is considered a base pose as Warrior pose III variations can be derived from this pose. This pose is often included in vinyasa and power yoga classes and is great for toning the legs, glutes, core, and back muscles.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Revolved Chair Pose (front) - Iana Varshavska
Revolved Chair Pose

Revolved Chair Pose, Twisted Chair Pose or Parivrtta Utkatasana in Sanskrit ( parivrtta means "revolved", utkata means "fierce" and asana means "pose") is considered a base pose as Revolved Chair Pose variations can be derived from this pose. A great way to strengthen and lengthen the leg muscles, this challenging posture also lengthens and improves mobility in the spine. Practicing Parivrtta Utkatasana will give a feeling of groundedness in the lower half of the body and open spaciousness in the upper body.

In order to deepen the posture, you must find strength in the legs and lightness in the spine and upper body. While it’s easy to only focus on deepening the twist, the best results come from first setting up your foundation. This philosophy of building a strong foundation through rooting and grounding is helpful in life. While your goals and aspirations, even your daily to-dos, can constantly demand your attention, get strong through your roots before you try to spread your wings.

Step-by-Step Instructions


Yoga is by no means the easiest way to lose weight, but since you can it in the comfort of your own home, it is nice to do it on your own time. We hope that the above-mentioned facts and tips have made it easier for you to consider doing yoga. Let us know in the comment section how you have gone about performing yoga routines and losing weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Сan you lose weight by doing yoga?

Yes, one can lose weight by performing yoga, and as you might have seen in the article, many studies also back up this claim. However, you will need a decent diet to complement the process.

Which yoga is best for weightloss?

All yoga is great for weight loss. However, Vinyasa is one of the best for rapid weight loss. It is a fast-paced yoga performed at a high heart rate, which should increase your body’s fat-burning potential.

How much weight can you lose doing yoga?

There is no set amount of weight that one can lose using yoga. It will depend on various factors including your diet and the type of yoga you are performing. A 2005 study has shown that participants can lose between 45 and 55-pounds after a 10-year stint of performing yoga.

Where do you lose fat first?

This question is one of the most controversial. However, everyone can lose fat at various times in various spots. One generally loses the most fat in the area that has the most fat. However, it takes longer to notice due to the amount of fat present.

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