Double V Pose - Bhuja Swastikasana

Double V Pose (Bhuja Swastikasana)


The Double V Pose or Straight Jacket Pose is a prone pose done lying flat on the belly with the primary focus on stretching the shoulders (trapezius muscles) with the crossing of the arms in front, on the floor. This kind of stretch works with all the muscles of the shoulders, including the shoulder girdle. While the upper back muscles are stretched, the front upper chest (pectoral muscles) is contracted and compressed. Hence is a good practice to open the back of the lungs. This posture also requires a conscious effort to watch for the shoulder blades to move away from each other (scapular protraction) and the shoulder blades to move away from the ears (scapular depression).

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Start in Sphinx Pose (Salamba Bhujangasana)
Step 2
Thread your right arm under your left, reaching for the left side of the mat
Step 3
Cross your left arm on top of your right, reaching for the right side of the mat
Step 4
Walk your hands as far toward the sides of your mat as you can so that your arms cross underneath your chest
Step 5
Rest your chin over your arms or place your forehead on a block for support
Step 6
Your palms can be face up or face down – find the position that feels best for your shoulders
Step 7
Relax your neck and shoulders
Step 8
Take slow inhales, and try to release a bit more tension with each exhale
Step 9
Hold for up to three minutes before returning to Sphinx Pose to repeat on the other side

Benefits and Contraindications


Stretches the shoulders, chest, and upper back muscles

Helps to relieve tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders

Improves posture by opening the chest and shoulders

Stimulates the respiratory system and can help to increase lung capacity


Neck or shoulder injuries

Low blood pressure

Modifications, Props and Tips

If you have tight shoulders or limited range of motion, you can modify the pose by placing a yoga block or cushion under your forehead to support your upper body. This can make it easier to relax into the stretch and can also help to prevent strain in the neck or shoulders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What muscles does Bhuja Swastikasana target?

Bhuja Swastikasana targets the muscles of the shoulders, chest, and upper back.

Is Bhuja Swastikasana safe for beginners?

Yes, Bhuja Swastikasana can be safe for beginners, as long as it is practiced mindfully and with proper alignment. Beginners may want to use modifications, such as using a yoga block or strap, to help support the body in the pose.

How long should I hold the Double V Pose?

You can hold the pose for 30-60 seconds, or longer if it feels comfortable for you. Be sure to breathe deeply and slowly as you hold the pose.

Can Bhuja Swastikasana help with neck pain?

Yes, Bhuja Swastikasana can be helpful in relieving tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, which can help to reduce neck pain.


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