Hip Opening Yoga Poses

Hip-opening yoga poses are a group of yoga postures designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles around the hips, pelvis, and lower back. These poses are especially beneficial for individuals who have tight hips due to factors such as prolonged sitting, physical inactivity, or intense physical activities like running or cycling. Hip-opening poses can help improve flexibility, alleviate tension, increase circulation, and promote overall comfort and ease in the hip area.

Dancer Pose II
Dancer Pose II
Natarajasana II
Half Perfect Pose (Ardha Siddhasana)
Half Perfect Pose
Ardha Siddhasana
Archer Pose
Archer Pose
Akarna Dhanurasana
Twist Half Chair Pose (Parivrtta Ardha Utkatasana)
Twist Half Chair Pose
Parivrtta Ardha Utkatasana Twist Half Chair Pose
Upward Facing Wide-Angle Seated Pose (Urdhva Upavistha Konasana)
Upward Facing Wide-Angle Seated Pose
Urdhva Upavistha Konasana
Seated Mountain Pose
Seated Mountain Pose
Revolved Dancer Pose - Parivrtta Natarajasana
Revolved Dancer Pose
Parivrtta Natarajasana
Reclined Tortoise Pose
Reclined Tortoise Pose
Supta Kurmasana
Moon Bird Yoga Pose
Moon Bird Yoga Pose

Types of Hip Opening Yoga Poses

  • Passive Hip Openers. These poses involve relaxation and gravity to gently open the hips over time.
  • Active Hip Openers. These poses engage muscles to deepen the hip stretch.
  • Standing Hip Openers. These poses incorporate standing postures to open the hips.
  • Seated Hip Openers. Poses performed in a seated position that target the hip area.
  • Deep Stretch Hip Openers. Poses that provide a deep and intense stretch to the hip muscles.

Remember that your comfort and safety are paramount. It’s important to approach these poses with care and respect for your body’s limitations. If you’re new to yoga or have any pre-existing conditions, consider seeking guidance from a qualified yoga instructor to ensure you’re performing the poses correctly and safely.

Benefits and Contraindications


Improved Hip Flexibility

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Relieved Tension in Hips and Groin

Enhanced Range of Motion

Eased Discomfort from Sitting


Recent Hip Injury



Frequently Asked Questions

Which pose is a good hip opener?
One of the most effective and well-known hip-opening yoga poses is Pigeon Pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana). Pigeon Pose is widely recognized for its ability to deeply stretch and open the hip muscles.
How “open” are the hips?
The concept of "opening" the hips in yoga refers to increasing the flexibility and mobility of the muscles, ligaments, and joint structures around the hip area. It's not a literal opening of the bones themselves but rather a term used to describe the increased range of motion and suppleness of the hip joint and surrounding tissues. When we talk about open hips, we're referring to the ability of the hip joint to move freely in various directions without discomfort or restriction. This can involve: Increased flexibility, improved external rotation, relaxed hip muscles, reduced tension, balanced muscle engagement. It's important to understand that "open hips" can vary greatly among individuals. Everyone has a unique body structure, genetics, and lifestyle factors that influence their hip flexibility. Some people might naturally have more open hips, while others might need more time and effort to achieve a certain level of flexibility.

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