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Gracious Pose, or Bhadrasana (bha-DRAHS-uh-nuh) is a basic yoga pose suitable for beginners. It is a great asana for meditation as it is comfortable and can be held for extended periods of time. Practicing bhadrasana calms the mind and brings about feelings of groundedness

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Begin by sitting on the yoga mat in Dandasana Position. Fully stretch your legs forward, toes pointing upwards. Keep both hands beside your body, with palms resting on the mat.
Step 2
Draw your chin inwards, maintain a straight head and neck, and set your gaze on a fixed point in front of you.
Step 3
To practice Bhadrasana or The Gracious Pose, take slow and deep breaths, allowing your entire body to relax.
Step 4
Now, separate your knees as wide as possible and fold both legs, bringing them close to each other.
Step 5
In this position, ensure that your heels are in close proximity to the perineum.
Step 6
Make sure your toes are in contact with the floor as you separate your knees.
Step 7
If needed, you can clasp your feet to bring the heels even closer to the perineum.
Step 8
Your knees should touch the ground.
Step 9
Take slow and deep breaths, allowing your entire body to relax.

Benefits and Contraindications


Develops flexibility of legs

Improves digestion

Strengthens backbone, hips and buttocks

Activates muladhara or root chakra

Develops brain power

Improves focus and concentration

Combats fatigue

Calms the mind and reduces mental activity


Sciatica and arthritis

Abdominal pains

Photo poses in different angles

Modifications, Props and Tips

  • Practitioners can use a folded blanket underneath their hip in the alignment to the backbone. This will assist in balancing the posture.
  • It would be difficult to hold the posture too long for practitioners with weakened back. So, it’s better to take wall support to remain in Bhadrasana.
  • People with stiffened inner thigh and hip muscles avoid overspreading of knees because it could result in strain or sprain in concerning body parts.

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