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Heron pose, or krounchasana in Sanskrit, is an unusual seated forward fold. Rather than the head moving toward the leg, the leg is lifted and drawn toward the head. The pose offers similar yet even greater effects than seated forward bend.

The main stretch here is in the hamstrings, so warming them up first is a good idea. You can use this pose as part of a core and abs sequence or one with a focus on the hamstrings or opening the hips.

Pose Detail

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Start by sitting in Staff Pose (Dandasana) with your legs extended in front of you and ensuring that your spine is upright. If you typically use a blanket to support your posture and lengthen your spine in this pose, you may continue to do so.
Step 2
Take hold of your right foot with both hands and gently lift it off the floor.
Step 3
Lean your upper body slightly backward, ensuring that your shoulder blades are firmly pressed against your back and your arms are securely positioned in their shoulder sockets.
Step 4
Gradually straighten your right leg as much as possible, while maintaining a long spine and relaxed shoulders. Avoid rounding your back in an attempt to straighten your leg further. The extended leg and your torso should form a narrow V shape.
Step 5
Hold this position for approximately five breaths, then release and prepare to repeat the sequence on the other side.

Benefits and Contraindications


Increases strength and flexibility in the leg joints and muscles

Tones the core

Promotes circulation to the abdominal organs

Stimulates the digestive system

Gives relief to tense hamstrings

Stretches the front of the ankles and hamstrings


Knee, hip, or ankle injuries

Low back pathologies



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Modification, Props and Tips

Use the following props to get stability in Krounchasana.

Yoga block– If you are unable to find stability while sitting with a bent leg, try sitting on a block. Placing a block under your hips will exert less pressure on the bent knee and ease the pose.

Yoga strap– Strap comes handy when you cannot reach your foot while extending it with an erect back. Wrap the strap to the back of the stretched foot. As you lift the leg hold the strap instead of grabbing the foot.

Chair and strap– Place a chair in front of you and use a strap to lift your leg to your maximum limit. Now take support from the chair’s edge touching the raised calf to maintain the lift.

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