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Cow Face Pose, or Gomukhasana (go = cow, muhk = face, asana = pose) is a wonderful asana that activates the body from the head to the toes. This seated posture works both the upper and lower body, making it perfect for anyone looking to work on their flexibility. While the full expression of this intermediate pose does require flexible shoulders and hips, the pose can be modified to fit your body’s specific needs, so it is available for anyone who wants to practice it and access the full range of benefits.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Begin in a seated cross-legged position. Half Lotus or Fire Log Pose work well since your legs are stacked in them.
Step 2
Slide your knees toward your center line, stacking the right knee directly over the left. It may be helpful to come forward onto your hands and knees to do this. The right knee should be just in front of the left knee. Then separate your feet and come back to sit between them.
Step 3
Bring your left arm straight up toward the ceiling.
Step 4
Bend the left elbow, bringing the left hand to the back of your neck. You can use your right hand to gently shift the left elbow toward your midline.
Step 5
Lift the right arm out to the right side, bend the elbow, and bring the right arm up the center of the back.
Step 6
Clasp hands behind your back.
Step 7
Draw both elbows toward the center and keep your head from tilting forward by pressing the back of your head into your left arm. Breathe evenly.
Step 8
Release your arms on an inhale and try the pose with the left leg and right arm on top.

Benefits and Contraindications


Opens the hips

Stretches the triceps, latissimus dorsi, and intercostal muscles between the ribs

Improves external rotation of the hips

Opens the chest and pectorals


Shoulder injury

Severe pain in thighs, hip, knee, shoulder, hands and legs

Injury to muscle, ligaments and tendons of legs

Serious neck injury

Hip replacement surgery

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Modifications, Props and Tips

  • Sit on a block, cushion, or bolster if the sitting bones don’t make it to the floor
  • Prop under the ankles or knees to decrease any discomfort at these joints
  • Use a strap between the hands if the fingers do not touch this is very common and it’s a good idea to offer the strap before entering the pose

Frequently Asked Questions


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