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Swaying Palm Tree Pose or Tiryaka Tadasana (tir-yah-kah TAH-DAH-sah-nah) is a variation of Mountain Pose or Tadasana. Is a very good stretching pose which very easy to perform as compared to other stretching postures. Tiryaka Tadasana or Swaying Palm Tree Pose is also used in the practice of shankhaprakshalana.

Shankhaprakshalana is one of the six cleansing techniques known as ‘shatkarma’. It is the practice through which the stomach and intestine are cleaned naturally using water. It comprises of five asanas to be practised, one of the five asanas is Tiryaka Tadasana.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders with your toes pointing towards the front. nicely spread the toes and make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed between both feet.
Step 2
Slightly bend the knees, tuck your hips under and then straighten your legs.
Step 3
Roll your shoulders back, open your chest then inhale to raise both arms above the head stretching upwards with your palms facing towards each other.
Step 4
Exhale to stretch over to one side bending from the waist.
Step 5
Try to open the top shoulder up towards the sky and bring the lower shoulder forward so you have a nice opening in the chest.
Step 6
Make sure to drop the shoulders away from the ears.
Step 7
With every exhale try to see if you can bend a little further to that side.
Step 8
Inhale to come back to centre and then exhale to release your arms back down by your side.
Step 9
Repeat this on the other side.

Benefits and Contraindications


Stretches the abdomen and intestines

Opens the chest

Helps with spinal alignment

Stretches the spine and clears congestion in the spinal nerves

Improves focus and concentration

Improves balance



Slip disc


Severe back pain

Hypertension and vertigo

Heart diseases

Severe cervicak pain

Photo poses in different angles

Modifications, Props and Tips

  • While inhaling, elongate the spine upwards to allow more space between the vertebrate.
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades together to lift the chest.
  • Keep breathing at the thoracic region.
  • Engage the back muscles to keep the spine in neutral position.

Frequently Asked Questions


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