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Sage Vishwamitra Pose or Visvamitrasana (Vishwa-mit-Ra-AHS-anah) is a complex arm balance pose that at the same time is an incredible twist. The pose is named after the king-turned-sage, Visvamitra.
Visvamitrasana activates the muladhara (root) chakra. The muladhara is associated with vitality, stability, survival and staying rooted.
Visvamitrasana is an intricate yoga pose acting as equal parts arm balance, hamstring stretch, and hip opener. With many complex components coming together in this beautiful pose, it can take some time and training to master.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
Begin in a lunge (right foot forward)
Step 2
Bring the right hand to the outside of the right foot, working the arm and shoulder under the right thigh
Step 3
Turn the left foot flat. Extend the right leg in front
Step 4
Raise the left arm upwards and turn the head towards the fingertips
Step 5
To come out of the pose, lower the left hand and then the right foot to the ground
Step 6
Unbind the right arm and shoulder, returning to the lunge
Step 7
Repeat the other side

Benefits and Contraindications


Stretches hamstrings and inner thighs

Improves concentration, sense of balance and body awareness

Stretches and tones the muscles of the arms, legs, and the sciatic nerves

Strengthens the internal organs of the body and core muscles

Opens up the chest, hips and waist


Lower back pain

Sacroiliac injury

Shoulder or wrist injury

Hamstring injury

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Modifications and Props for Beginners

    Beginners may find it helpful to perform visvamitrasana with some modifications. Use different props like a block, strap, and chair to get a better balance in visvamitrasana;

  • Due to the less height of the torso in visvamitrasana there might be some chance of leaning to either side. So, to avoid this practitioners can use blocks under their foundational hand to achieve height. This will decrease the intensity of the side stretch and make the pose more determinable.
  • If the practitioners are unable to reach the foot from their hand over the head. To reach that foot they can bind the strap to their extended foot and then hold it by the hand over the head.
  • If the practitioners find difficulty in lifting their extended leg up, then they can use a chair and place their leg on it. Afterward, slowly reach to the foot of the extended leg and refine their posture.

Useful Tips

  • Make sure to keep your stomach and bowels empty before you practice this pose. Ensure to have your meals at least four to five hours before you do the asana so that your food gets properly digested, and you can expand your body fully during the practice.
  • Breathe deeply in each step. If you feel like slouching your weight onto your front leg, then press firmly into your planted hand to lift your hips and pelvis. Prior to practising Vishwamitra’s Pose be sure to practice some hip and hamstring openers as the preparatory pose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Visvamitrasana suitable for beginners?

Visvamitrasana is an advanced pose and may not be suitable for beginners. It requires a high level of strength, flexibility, and balance, and it’s important to work up to the pose gradually with the guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Are there any precautions I should take before attempting Visvamitrasana?

Visvamitrasana is an advanced pose that should be approached with caution. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, it’s important to consult with a healthcare professional before attempting the pose. You should also avoid the pose if you have low blood pressure or a history of shoulder dislocations.

How long should I hold Visvamitrasana?

You can start by holding Visvamitrasana for a few breaths and gradually work up to holding the pose for 30 seconds to one minute. Remember to listen to your body and take breaks as needed.


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