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Shashankasana is also known as the Pose Of The Moon, Rabbit Pose, or Hare Pose. ‘Shashank’ is a Sankrit word that means moon. The moon symbolizes peace and calm; it emits soothing and tranquilising vibrations. It is a seated forward bend yoga pose which is very similar to the Child Pose or Balsana. Shashankasana has a similar calming and cooling effect on an individual. At the same time, it is the position frequently adopted by hares and rabbits.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1
The starting pose for Hare Pose is the Thunderbolt pose or Vajrasana. Straighten your back and get in Vajrasana. Then take a few deep breaths and relax.
Step 2
Inhale to prepare. Exhale, rest your hands on your heels or your ankles with your palms facing inward, thumbs down
Step 3
Inhale once more, and begin to round your spine and bring the crown of your head to rest down on your mat directly in front of your knees
Step 4
Tuck your chin towards your chest and feel the opening of the back of your neck.
Step 5
To fully arrive in Sasangasana, lift your hips away from your heels and rest your hips above your knees or slightly behind them
Step 6
Rest here for a few rounds of breath

Benefits and Contraindications


Releases pressure on the spinal discs

Stretches and strengthens the back

Improves reproductive health

Relieves constipation

Refreshes the mind

Relieves fatigue


Knee, neck, spine or shoulder injury

Back or leg pain


Photo poses in different angles

Modifications, Props and Tips

  • Place a bolster under your head in forward bend of Shashankasana in case of stiff back or hip muscles (when hips aren’t elevated enough).
  • To lengthen spine beyond normal limit, do it against fixed bars. Measure a distance from fixed bars so it’s slightly more than your stretched hands in accomplished Shashankasana position. Now, pull it to give your hands and spine a good stretch.

Frequently Asked Questions

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